dewmuffins pink flower

The flower petals unfolded and stretched outward releasing shafts of light and tiny rainbow-colored dewdrops into the air. Refracted light sent colorful silhouettes dancing all around. The dewdrops filled the surrounding area until nothing was visible beyond the tip of the nose. The effervescence of the dewdrops landing on the skin left goosebumps traveling up and down. A clean and sweet fragrance carried into the lungs creating a relaxing rhythm with each breath. Tiny bubbles delicately fizzed on the face, condensing on eyelashes forcing uncontrollable blinking. Then, in a moment of stillness, the entrancement dissipated as the tiny flower crept back into focus. Dewdrops all at once fell to the ground in a watery deluge. A loud gurgling noise could be heard as the ground absorbed the last drops. The surrounding area had now been transformed. A colorful landscape of extraordinary flora, fauna, and curious, but cute creatures was revealed.


Going’s On

Magazine spot about Dewmuffins

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Comic Book Museum in Italy Invitation Custom Papercraft

Invitation Kawaii Style

Romanian Book Store

Dewmuffins created a custom Papertoy for their annual book.

Monso Papercraft Magazine (Spain)

Monso invited the Dewmuffins to submit a papercraft for there latest publication.

Super Cute Paper Toys DIY Edition

We are proud to annouce that the Dewmuffins appear in the … Monsa Publication, Super Cute Paper Toys DIY Edition.

Dog bites Man

Understand that there is something of a new item when you enter the creation of a dream to the point where no one is an island to themself, but there is so much to learn in this short amount of time that we tend to forget what is important along the way to and from,…

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