From an early age, River could be found running and jumping into the air traversing the skies for hundreds of feet before landing back on the ground. This was a common occurrence on River’s world. It was not only fun but a typical mode of transportation. This may seem unimaginable to most – who ever heard of people flying about and without wings for that matter? However, there’s an easy explanation. It’s the low gravity and dense atmosphere that makes it possible. River spent his days jumping high into the air landing on the tops of the highest trees and the tallest buildings. He was particularly fond of high mountain tops. After his studies, he spent hours on the peaks till dusk waiting for the stars to appear. He would gaze upward, eyes fixed and thoughts drifting. Typically this would not be a problem, but he would lose all track of time. It was left to his siblings to find him and bring him home. As he grew, he never lost interest in the starry night sky. Most nights you could easily spot his silhouette leaping from mountain top to mountain top. Even in the daylight, he was easily spotted with his silvery white hair and blue jumper performing aerial acrobatics, twisting and bending his slim figure making incredible flips and turns.

River’s ordinary life suddenly took a fantastical turn when he leaped atop one of the tallest, most majestic mountains. Perched at the peak, he gazed in awe at the breathtaking landscape stretched out before him, marveling at the way the peaks seemed to touch the sky. The sun’s rays painted the horizon in hues of orange and pink, casting a warm glow over everything it touched. The crisp mountain air filled his lungs and he felt a sense of exhilaration tingling through his body. Suddenly, a buzzing sound caught his attention when a Mountain Beetle appeared, its iridescent wings beating rapidly as it flew towards him. It carried a small seed pod wrapped in a note in its tiny claws. The beetle circled River’s head several times before finally hovering in front of him, its bright eyes fixated on him. With a gentle flick of its wings, it dropped the seed pod into River’s open palm as he reached out to receive it with wonder and curiosity.

River Dewmuffins
Dewmuffins River and a Cloud Seeder atop a Bubble Dragon and her infant
Dewmuffins River and a Cloud Seeder atop a Bubble Dragon and her infant.

With delicate fingers, River gently unwrapped the seedpod. The note inside was written in an elegant script that read, “Travel to Far, Beyond the Stars.” His mind raced with questions – where did it come from? Was this intentional or just a mere coincidence? But something deep within him told him that this was meant for him. Without hesitation, he followed his instincts and planted the seedpod in the rich soil of the mountaintop.

The following day, River returned to find a magnificent flower bud had sprouted from where he had planted the seedpod. As he drew closer, the bud unfurled its petals, revealing a spectrum of colors that seemed to shift and change like a mesmerizing rainbow. Suddenly, stardust began to rise and swirl around him, carried by a gentle breeze. In awe, River reached out and felt the soft, powdery texture of the stardust on his skin.

But his attention was quickly drawn back to the flower as he noticed it pulsating with a mysterious energy. Without thinking, he reached out to touch one of its petals and in an instant, he was enveloped by a blinding flash of light. When it cleared, River found himself standing on another world – a place beyond anything he could have imagined.

Awestruck by the breathtaking scenery, River’s senses were heightened. The majestic mountain peaks pierced through the billowing clouds, adorned with vibrant flora in every color imaginable. Some clouds seemed to have a life of their own, dancing and twirling in seemingly choreographed movements. Strange and wondrous creatures soared through the skies, some gracefully gliding on the gentle breeze while others zipped by purposefully, driven by some unknown urgency.

In the distance, River noticed a group of small creatures gathered on a nearby mountaintop. They wore peculiar woolen outfits and called out to the sky above. To his amazement, the clouds gathered around them, descending from above in response to their calls. The creatures climbed aboard their fluffy chariots and blew a joyful whistle before being whisked away into the horizon.

Strange creatures gathered and circled above, eyeing River with curiosity. These Bubble Dragons were unlike any he had ever seen – instead of spewing fire, they playfully blew bubbles that made everyone around them chuckle.

Lost in wonder at this new world, River’s attention was drawn to footsteps echoing through the clouds below. As he peered down the mountainside, he saw a group of small beings approaching. They were the Dewmuffins – inhabitants of this land. Startled, River instinctively leaped into the air but only jumped a few feet. He quickly realized his jumping abilities were now gone. With nowhere to run he became nervous as the Dewmuffins approached. They did not intend to alarm him. Sensing River’s apprehension they paused and set a small pouch on the ground while gesturing. River knelt and picked it up. Inside he found a note, it read “Travel to Far, Beyond the Stars.” 

River Dewmuffins

The words were familiar to River, as he had seen them before on his own world. River gazed up at the Dewmuffins, grateful for their thoughtful gift. He eagerly shared stories of his world, where he could leap high and far into the air, but now found himself unable to do so. The Dewmuffins motioned for River to take another look inside the pouch. To his amazement, it was filled with stardust – not resting at the bottom of the pouch like grains of sand, but millions of scattered stars slowly swirling across a vast universe. As he looked back up at the Dewmuffins’ beaming faces, River realized they were truly good-hearted creatures. A smile spread across his face in return. Without hesitation, a dialogue began between them as the Dewmuffins explained that the stardust held the power of flight within it. But first, River must seek out the Sky Yeti who would reveal the magical secrets of the stardust and how to harness its powers properly.